The Cancelled Xena Script and Why I’m Glad it Failed

CW: mentions of abuse, violence

It’s been a while since the script was leaked, but here I am spending more time and energy on it than anyone actually needs, for my own masochistic curiosity and entertainment. Without further ado I present my opinions on the Xena: Destroyer of Nations script.

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Recently . 2

It’s been hard to maintain my prior goals of personal writing recently as I’ve adjusted to my new workplace. Partly because my laptop died, which was my primary way of writing, partly because a chunk of writing energy has been reserved for my new workplace.

I’ve written about 9 corporate blog posts by this point! The process for those is very different for the one I go through putting my own thoughts together, and I still feel very shy about it and hyper-critical, although I think I’m getting better at it. They’re mostly informational.

Otherwise, I’m surviving. It’s a little bit overrated sometimes but hopefully as I keep working on things I’ll be able to get back to more than that soon. Not working on anything has me feeling incomplete.

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Review: Child of Light

I’m about two years late to the Child of Light party, but now that I’m here, I do want to talk about it. I had multiple recommendations to play it, due to my dabbling interests in poetry and it being one of the few games I know of that employs the use of poetry in any relatively meaningful way. I was really ready to like it, and I did, but I left the game with an odd mixture of admiration and disappointment.

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Customisable Self-love

I’ve always found character customisation in video games to be one of the most important aspects to an immersive, personalised virtual experience. It’s a declaration of putting yourself in the shoes the game has given you, replacing the protagonists’ name with your own, or any name you want. Not every story is suited to this, but it’s a side of video games I’ve definitely grown to love. Continue reading